Anne of Kyiv Center has become one of the winners of the Cultural and Art Projects Contest, held by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (UCF) in 2018. Co-financing from the UCF will be directed to the development of the Center.

This year, the Anne of Kyiv Center is celebrating its 5th birthday. Following the recent events, we decided to re-examine our role in Ukrainian cultural diplomacy and create a new development strategy.

We strive to attract the attention of Europeans to the place that Ukraine occupies in the history and culture of Europe and to transform Ukraine from a subject of international dialogue into its organizer and moderator.

In October-November 2018, we plan to accomplish the following tasks:

  • create the development strategy of the Center;

  • create a new brand and its philosophy;

  • develop new information materials about the Center;

  • shoot a 3D video about Anne of Kyiv in order to popularize this outstanding figure among the general public;

  • develop and promote the "In the footsteps of Anne of Kyiv" tourist route in the city of Senlis;

  • setting up wider partnerships across France.

298 projects including 15 international partnership projects received funding according to the results of the competition held by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation in 2018. The total amount of funding in 2018 is 148 771 817 hryvnias.

The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation is a state institution established in 2017 in order to promote the development of national culture and art, provide favorable conditions for the development of intellectual potential of individuals and society, free access to the national cultural heritage, support cultural diversity and integration of Ukrainian culture into the global culture. The fund’s activities are directed and coordinated by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. Read more here.