Anne of Kyiv Center created a video that allows you to see two places that connect Ukraine and France through the figure of the daughter of Yaroslav the Wise - the French Queen Anne. The shootings took place in Senlis, where Queen Anne lived, and Saint Sophia Cathedral of Kyiv, where she spent her childhood. For the first time in history the St. Sophia Cathedral was shot from an unusual angle under the dome.

New technologies make it possible for Ukrainians to see French historical places associated with Anne of Kyiv, and for the French to have a look at St. Sophia Cathedral. Thanks to virtual reality, viewers can walk along the historic streets of Senlis around the royal castle where Anne lived, and the St. Vincent Abbey which she founded in 1065. The story of Anne is narrated by the founder of Anne of Kyiv Center Victoria Dellinger.

The restoration works took place in the central nave of St. Sophia Cathedral During the shooting. Thanks to the shootings on the scaffolding under the dome and the 3D video technology allows you to closely examine the mosaic on the dome. This sort of experience is usually only accessible to renovators.

The video was shown on November 27 in Kyiv at the presentation of the Center's Development Strategy. The participants noted that the experience of VR-travel created the feeling of presence and immersion in Anne’s story.

The video was created within the framework of the "Development of the Anne of Kyiv Center in France" project supported by Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and with the assistance of the National Sanctuary "Sophia of Kyiv". The video is available in three languages - Ukrainian, French and English. It shows the connection between history and modernity, because the figure of Anne of Kyiv raises actual issues: migration, effective leadership and reaching agreement.