Anne of Kyiv Center is a non-profit organisation, a platform for dialogue and implementation of cultural, artistic, scientific and educational projects.


Encourage a rethinking of European identity in the 21st century through dialogue and the implementation of cultural, artistic, scientific and educational projects.


The vision of our Center is a united free Europe.

Ukraine has been developing very rapidly in recent years. While before we have barely managed the global context, today there are themes in which our experience is unique: tolerance of society regarding migration, volunteer society, creative boom, innovation and IT business boom, anti-hybrid threats and more.

Anne of Kyiv Center is the initiator and moderator of the dialogue on topics that are important for Europe and the world. It is especially important today when we see a crisis of ideas and a lack of understanding in Europe and the rest of the world.


Anne of Kyiv Center exists in France as an important reminder that Ukraine became part of Europe a thousand years ago. Today, when Ukraine must fight in its history, it is imperative to preserve these centres of Ukrainian identity in Europe and to promote its development.


"I do not know for sure why the Lord brought me to France, but I'm sure he has a mission for me."

Bishop Boris (Gudziak)

is the patron of the Anne of Kyiv Center in France, the eparch of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Paris for Ukrainians in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

The centre is located in Senlis, next to Paris. It was founded in 2013 by a group of women and men from Ukraine and France. The project was implemented under the patronage of Boris Gudziak.

The city of Senlis was chosen without difficulty. It was here that Anna Anna, a French queen and daughter of Yaroslav the Wise lived. The centre was built near the St. Vensan Abbey, which Anna founded. In Sanlis, the memory of the Queen of France lives to this day. A monument to Anne of Kyiv was erected next to the abbey, and Anna's admirers spend a prayer for her every year.

Anne of Kyiv, the Patron for the Senlis Center

The royal town and the figure of Anne of Kyiv are attracting tourists and enthusiasts from all over the world. In Senlis, Anne dedicated her own life to the education of her sons, including the future King Philip. As long as the young king was not over 14 years old, Anna was his regent. The Queen created all the conditions for the development of spirituality, culture and education in France, and taught her son to be a prudent and responsible ruler.

Contemporaries of Anna Yaroslavna and her husband Henry I spoke about women's wisdom and acute mind. The signature of Queen Anne is the oldest finding of Old Ukrainian writing that came to us. It is a sign that reminds us of Anna's great deeds, her sacrifice and love for people.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did the first benefactors find their way to Senlis?

Bishop Boris (Gudziak) returned to Lviv with the story of Anne of Kyiv and a story about her courage before challenges of living in a foreign country. He told his friends about her contemporary followers and their project to create a Ukrainian community in Europe. Having lit the flame of historical responsibility in the hearts of the community, he invited those willing to come to his enthronement at the Cathedral of Paris and Our Lady, and at the same time to visit a sightseeing tour in Senlis.


Friends of Boris, who have long been supporting his good deeds, arrived in France in December 2012. Ukrainians of Senlis showed guests the historical area of the city, the St. Vensan Abbey, which Anne of Kiyv founded, the school that carries her name. At the end of their walk, the guests stopped at the steps of the historic building and proposed future benefactors to purchase it for the establishment of the Center.

How was it possible to raise funds for a building in Senlis in two hours?

On the way from Senlis to Paris, Lviv businesspeople declared their dents on a small piece of paper, which indicated the amounts of donations and secured their promise with signatures. The story repeated: in less than an hour and a half, signatures were collected on the first half of the church.


In the next few months, the story of Anne of Kyiv and the small church in Senlis has spread around the world. Ukrainians from all over the world collected the rest of the summ needed. In September 2013, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church bought the building from a private owner and opened the Church of the Saints Borys and Hlib and the Anne of Kyiv Center in its walls.