Anne de Kyiv is a Queen of France born in Ukraine in the middle of the 11th century. Henry I married her in 1051 to create an alliance with the powerful Ukrainian lords of Eastern Europe. Four children were born of this happy union, of which Philip I was the future Capetian king. Anne of Kyiv, a woman of culture and faith, had Saint-Vincent abbey erected at Senlis. This abbey is now an integral part of a high school that transmits knowledge and history to future generations.



The roots of Senlis go back to the 2nd century, in the time of Augustomagus, Gallo-Roman city. It was at Senlis, where the Capetian miracle began in 987, with the election of Hugues Capet to the throne of France. The city never ceases to gain importance, Anne of Kyiv, Queen of France, founds there the abbey of Saint-Vincent. The impressive Gothic cathedral is built during the 12th century.

Senlis is a city in the ideal location, close to Paris and rooted in the Hauts-de-France region. It has preserved its cobblestones and its old lanes allowing the walker a trip in the history of France.