The chaplain of this church, Father Yuriy LESCHYNSKYY and his followers invite you to join them in prayer. Christians from the Ukraine, they celebrate the liturgies and ceremonies according to the Byzantine Eastern rite. The Greco-Catholic Ukrainians of France are attached to a vast diocese called Eparchia whose territory includes Switzerland and the Benelux. Their Bishop, now Monsignor Borys GUDZIAK, is a member of the Episcopal Conference of France.

Who were the holy martyrs Borys and Hlib?

Their father was Saint Volodymyr the Great, Grand Prince of Kyiv, who after his conversion to Christianity baptized his principality in 988. He created the powerful state of Rus' from Kyiv, the first Ukrainian state to the Christian foundations.

Borys and Hlib, the first canonized saints in the Rus' of Kyiv in 1071, were murdered as part of the royal succession. They opposed their brother Yaroslav non-violence and accepted death without fighting. It is therefore the uncles of Princess Anne of Kyiv, the daughter of Yaroslav, who will become Queen of France by her marriage to Henry I, King of France. They are celebrated on the 6th of August.