Borys Gudziak
President of the Anne of Kyiv Cultural Center in France

Borys Gudziak (born 24 November 1960) became the Eparch of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Eparchy of Paris on the elevation of his Exarchate to a full Eparchy, or Eastern-rite Diocese, by the Pope on January 19, 2013. He served as the head of the territory since his installation as Exarch on December 2, 2012.

He was ordained on 26 November 1998 in the Cathedral of St. George in Lviv by Bishop Sofron (Mudry), O.S.B.M. and incardinated in the Major Archeparchy of Lviv of the Ukrainians. He is the author of over 50 studies on the history of the Church, theological training and on different topics of cultural relevance.

Gudziak is the 49th member of the Synod of Bishops of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Besides France, the Eparchy also includes Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, and Switzerland.[5]

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Anna Canter
Co-founder of the Anne of Kyiv Cultural Center in France

Founding member of the twinning commitee of Senlis - Kyiv Petchersk, the city of Anne of Kyiv
In 2005, she participated for establishing a statue in honor of Anne of Kyiv. In 2008, she has created with the Ukrainian community and the City Hall the days of Anne de Kyiv.
She succeeded in installing an honorary plate for the victims of Holodomor in Senlis.
In 2009 she was given the award of the Order of Anne of Kyiv in Ukraine.

Educated at the “École des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg” and at “École Supérieure de Réalisation Audovisuelle” of Paris, she is a recognized visual artist.

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Victoria Dellinger
Co-founder of the Anne of Kyiv Cultural Center in France

She has 20 years experience in international relations, communication, partnerships and development.

Native of Lviv (Ukraine), she has a triple culture personal and professional. She has lived and worked in New York (USA), Lyon and Paris. She is fluent in 4 languages: French, English, Ukrainian and Russian.

She graduated in 1998 from the European Business School, INSEEC Group (France). She has also studied economics at the Agricultural Academy of Lviv and at the Conservatory of Music in Lviv (piano class).

Mother of two children.


Stéphane Dunikowski
Member of the Board of Directors of Center Culturel Anne de Kyiv

Laic member of the board of directors of the Ukrainian Eparchy Saint Volodymyr the Great of Paris.Lawyer and family father


Mykhailo Romaniuk
Member of the Board of Directors of Center Culturel Anne de Kyiv

Born in Ukraine in 1968. He first studied in Ukraine and was ordained a priest in 1991. He pursued his studies at the University of Olomouc in the Czech Republic from 1992 to 1998.

He arrived in Paris in 1998 and was nominated as rector of the Saint Volodymyr the Great Cathedral.

In 2013, he is appointed General Vicar of the Saint Volodymyr the Great Eparchy of Paris.