Whether it is for a weekend, for a short holiday or a long journey, Ukraine is a country to visit. Kyiv, its capital, is the first tourist destination. But do not be afraid to venture into other cities, such as the historic Lviv to the west or the radiant Odessa to the south. Ukraine, also called "the wheat granary of Europe" offers a sumptuous and warm campaign. The mountain range of the Carpathians will welcome you for epic treks or for intense winter sports.


Ukrainian culture is, because of the size of the territory, extremely diverse.

Centuries of history, exchanges and movements intersect and form a culture borrowing from Europe, Russia and the East. These mixtures culminate in a culture of great wealth: Ukrainian culture. This welcoming and perpetually moving culture in the continuity of past centuries.

Ukrainian People

The Ukrainian people are the product of their culture, rooted in their centuries-old traditions and open to the world and its changes. A welcoming and joyful people. The pride of the origins is a value that is found in every Ukrainian or Ukrainian, whatever its age or its origin.